Thursday, June 26, 2014


on a beautiful day in may fifteen amazing women met up 
for a day of learning, laughing and relaxing

everyone got a fun name badge
some of us already knew each other
now we are all friends!

justine and kristy swear they did not call each other to co-ordinate 
their outfits!

we made a fun rag wreath
lots of fabric and tons of tying 
but it makes a cool wreath

pens, markers, pencils and brushes all put to good use

our project supply table
lots and lots of goodies

a great chakra beading project was done

swag bags and flowers to give away
and awesome prizes from our generous donors!

and here we are (minus sandy, our photograher)
all holding projects we made
such a fun day
cannot wait til the next one
mackinac island in october!
get your ticket today